From Vision to Action

Business Strategy that starts with you

Do you have decision paralysis? Are you finding it challenging to pick a direction to take next? If your strategy is not giving you an indication as to what to do next, then this is where we will start.

Your business strategy is the foundation that directs every decision and direction you take. Your strategy will be designed to align all of your company’s actions towards achieving your company’s vision. Your plan will focus on leveraging your company’s unique strengths in order to take advantage of market opportunities.

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Getting In Front of Your Target Audience

Complete Marketing Plan and Execution

For e-commerce businesses, your company’s marketing plan can be the difference between success and failure. This is why SellerAct goes the extra mile to ensure we build your plan on a solid strategy. We rely on our 20 years of digital marketing experience, the latest technology in data analytics, and a proven approach to guide your company to success.

Your company’s purpose, vision, and values are where we start. We will analyze your current product line, research the market, and interview your customers to find out what makes them tick. We analyze different customer segments and create user personas for your target market. It is critically important to invest the time to build a complete understanding of the characteristics, behaviors, and emotions of your ideal customers before you try to sell them anything.

As an integrated marketing agency, SellerAct can implement manage and execute the marketing plan on your behalf in collaboration with your team.

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Beauty and Results

Branding and Conversion

Shopify Web Design and conversion optimization.

Your website design is the first and most important aspect of your marketing plan. We will ensure your website is aligned with your brand and values as its functionality, design, and appearance affects the feelings and behaviours of the people that visit it. To make your website have a high conversion rate of site visits to sales, we will constantly test and improve its appearance and functionality.

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Advanced eMail Campaign Automation

eMail is your most effective marketing tool

eMail marketing is the most effective marketing channel. Done right eMail marketing has impressive clickthrough rates, conversion rates, and by far the highest return on investment. It’s not efficient to send emails to every address we can get – that is a waste of money. Instead, we ensure we first know the characteristics, motivators, and behaviors of your target market in order to maximize the chances of your emails directing traffic to your sales platform.

SellerAct hands-on experience in eMail marketing, coupled with expertise in sophisticated automated email tools, bring consistent results. Our conversion rates increase every month because we continuously test, learn, and improve from every email campaign.

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Brand Visibility on the Web

Leverage the powerful combination of SEO and PR

Combining Search Engine Optimization (SEO) with Public Relations (PR) creates exponentially better at directing traffic to your website. We will optimize your website and product pages, create content, and implement a PR strategy to support our SEO efforts and bring results from a wide variety of media outlets, including guaranteed top-tier such as Forbes, Yahoo, Business Insider, local media, and bloggers.

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Digital Ad Campaign Where it Matters

Targeted text and visual ads

SellerAct provides a wide variety of Pay Per Click (PPC) ad campaign management including Google, Facebook, and Amazon. We use product ads, text ads, and visual ads (including video).

Our process includes keyword research, target market research, and positioning in order to maximize the conversion rate of keyword ads.

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Managed eCommerce Operation

Need help in actively managing your eCommerce?

Whether you need to manage your Amazon account, source a new product, or create efficient inventory and fulfillment processes, SellerAct can help!

We provide a full suite of e-commerce support across your entire supply chain including product sourcing, marketplace management (Amazon, Shopify, Walmart, etc), online store management, fulfillment, and logistics.

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