Guide for eCommerce SEO – Free eBook

I have recently joined forces with five eCommerce marketing experts to produce an SEO guide for eCommerce.

We are currently distributing FREE copies of the guide. Grab your copy today!


“SEO for eCommerce is different than content SEO in many ways.”

Ultimate SEO Guide for eCommerce

Here are some questions we answer in the eBook:

  • How do I optimize category and collection pages?
  • How much content should I add to a product page?
  • How should I handle product variations?
  • …and more?

I would like to thank all the experts contributing to this ecommerce SEO. Without them this guide wouldn’t be possible:

Richard Lazazzera from A Better Lemonade Stand
Kenny Rosenberg from Brand Value Accelerator
Dave Hermansen from
James Dillon from Gorilla 360
Diane Ellis Scalisi from with CanIRank
Ronen Amit (That’s me) from SellerAct

You can get a copy of the eCommerce SEO guide here:

Ultimate SEO Guide for eCommerce