How your online store can help you increase sales on Amazon

August 4, 2016

Many Amazon FBA private label sellers are opening Shopify stores. Why? Mainly in order to protect themselves from the worst-case scenario, such as Amazon suspension or any other FBA disasters. Most of them do very little to promote their store. I have heard several reasons for that:

  • They don’t want to spend money while their main income comes from Amazon.
  • They spend too much money on PPC and SEO for a couple of months and since they don’t see an immediate return for their investment, they give up.
  • They try and fail, arriving at the conclusion that it does not worth their time or money.
Webstore drives sales on Amazon.
Having your own branded online store is a business. Without having a strategy and a marketing plan, without patience and determination, you are wasting your time. However, if you do take the time to understand your industry and position yourself differently than your competition, you will not only know where to find your target audience but you will also know how to attract these customers to your store.

If you are not sure how to position yourself and create a successful business strategy, hire someone.


“Effectively marketing your online stores and products outside Amazon will eventually drive sales on Amazon…”

Best of all, if you have the determination to make your online store successful, it will create new revenue stream, as well as, improve your sales on Amazon. Effective marketing of your branded online store and products, outside Amazon, will eventually drive more sales on Amazon too, increasing your organic ranking and consequently your revenue.


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