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At SellerAct we understand what it takes to be a leader in eCommerce. For the past two decades, we have used all the major eCommerce platforms and sales channels and helped dozens of companies to launch and achieve success online.

Our philosophy is that design is not about building beautiful web store, it is about building beautiful web store that sells. Your store needs to be well designed not only to impress, attract and retain customers. Your Store needs to create revenue and growth.

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Executive Team

Ronen Amit

Ronen Amit, MBA

Founder & Senior eCommerce Strategist

Ronen is an e-commerce and marketing specialist who has a passion for strategic planning. For the past 20 years, he has been helping business owners create award winning marketing campaigns which have led to hundreds of millions of dollars in online sales. Ronen is a rare breed, with a passion for business development and a keen sense of what is needed for small & medium businesses to not only create a strategy, but to Act!. Ronen’s straightforward, intuitive approach to sales is influenced by contemporary marketing and branding experts including Simon Sinek (“Start With Why”) and Bernhard Schroeder (“Brands and Bullshit”). Ronen is a lifelong learner and is currently pursuing an Executive MBA at the University of Victoria with his classmate and business partner, Karl Russell.

Ronen is an award-winning eCommerce strategist and an eCommerce consultant for Mackenzie & Company, AlphaSights among others.

Karl Russell

Karl Russell, MBA

Senior Partner & Business Strategist

Karl developed a taste for strategic planning throughout his 15 years of service as an officer in the Canadian Armed Forces. As a tactical helicopter pilot, Karl worked in multidisciplinary settings across North America. The influence of his service is evident in the way he can integrate mission statements, core values, culture, and unifying goals into business processes. Karl’s strengths lie in organizational structure, systems implementation, and aligning all business processes towards strategic objectives. He continuously strives to learn more and do better and he encourages our clients to take the same approach. Some of Karl’s go-to references for strategic planning include Michael Porter (“Competitive Strategy”), Michael Gerber (“The E-Myth”), and Richard Rumelt (“Good Strategy/Bad Strategy”).

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Focus on Results

Success means growth, so we focus on helping you achieve it.

The Right Balance

Making sure your online store is as effective as it is beautiful.
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